Wavemach Communications October 25th Specials for used FM transmitter gear!



001) RVR LCD PJ 1000W Amplifier: $1950 USD

  1000 watt RVR FM Amplifier  
  002) RVR 2KW Transmitter with exciter: $3750 USD  
  RVR 2KW FM Transmitter  

003) Suono Telecom FM Transmitter FM 20W:  $775 USD

  Suono Telecom FM Transmitter  

004) RVR 5KW Rack Transmitter:  $13895 USD

  5KW RVR FM Transmitter  

007) 5KW 2 way Sira antenna system with 5KW splitter: 1800 USD

  Two Antennas   5000 watt 2 way power divider  

008) 500 watt cavity filter: $750 USD

  500 watt FM band cavity filter  

010) ELCA 20 watt FM Transmitter: 775 USD

  20 watt Elca fm transmitter  

011) SUONO TELECOM 1 KW FM Transmitter: $2895 USD

  1KW Suono Telecom FM Transmitter  

014) Prais 732 RDS encoder: 875 USD

  Prais 732 RDS encoder  

015) Aev  RDS encoder: 850 USD

  Aev RDS encoder  

Wavemach Communications October 6th Specials for used FM transmitter gear! (some of these items are still available)



1) Elenos 500 watt FM amplifier (mosfet): 1300 USD with included shipping to USA!

  Elenos 500 Watt FM Boradcast Amplifier  



3) 2 KW db Mozart FM Transmitter: 6850 USD with warranty till May 2017 and shipping included to USA!

  Photo A  
  Photo B  
  2000 watt db electronica fm stere transmitter  
  Photo C      
  mozart 2KW fm stereo transmitter  
  Photo D  
  back panel of 2KW db electronica mozart transmitter  
  Photo E  
  professional 2KW fm stereo transmitter  



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Dave Schindel
Wavemach Communications